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Healing Therapy

Workshops & Programs

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Finding Your True Self

A Journey of Self Discovery 

Finding True Self workshop is an experiential workshop that helps you access the real YOU, your True Self, by connecting directly with your energetic center: the heart (or soul) within. What is required for healing on all levels is a fully embodied experience that allows for the expression and expansion to really move us through any obstacles we face rather than avoiding or hiding from them. This experience will help you find all the answers you have ever longed for and recover your own missing pieces. With expert guidance and a very safe structure of integrative support, this workshop can be the catalyst to change your life.

Meditating on the Beach

Water Up, Fire Down

The Golden Health Principal

“Water Up Fire Down” is an energy principle for creating optimal energy circulation in your body. According to this principle, the calming energy of water (produced in our kidneys) travels up toward the head to cool/center the mind.

Conversely, the warming energy of fire (produced in our hearts) travels down to the abdomen to provide proper functioning for the internal organs. The term “hot head” exists for a reason. We must learn to recalibrate our energy in order to allow for a grounded state of being. The brain is the most incredible computer 

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Healing Chakras 

The Seven Keys to Completion

This workshop is perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners who want to activate the chakra energy system to regain the balance within in order to achieve their goals and internal peace.You will gain an understanding of the energy system and how energy works as an intermediary between the mind and body, as well as how to focus on yourself and manage your energy.Healing Chakra workshop will help you achieve the mindset needed for personal transformation to unlock your full potential.

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Living Tao

Principles of Truth and Enlightenment

The Tao can be translated as “the way” or “the truth,” and some may find the meaning deeply spiritual. 

This workshop breaks down the principles into practical ways by which to live a fulfilling and peaceful life. Spirituality need not be a confusing concept. There are ancient answers to the modern questions we may ask ourselves increasingly as the world changes around us. Great relief can be found when clarity emerges through a dense fog of information that often distracts us from that which we really seek

Chun Bu Kyung 4.png

Chun Bu Kyung

Channeling the Divine Energy of the Universe

No matter the changes we may experience, there is a law or innate structure to our world. When we realize this, there is a sense of peace that can abide through any storm we may face in our lives. This training is like an anchor that steadies you or a lighthouse that will always guide your way back home. The universe exists not only outside, but within us all. As we remember our true nature and inherent connection, everything else begins to naturally align.

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