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Welcome Summer!

“Now is a time for change, a time to become the greatest version of yourself. And a time to to make your grandest vision of the world.”
― Ilchi Lee

Explore our seasonal specials below for exercise, relaxation, detox, and more.

Choose to take a step towards a new you.

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1 Week Memberships

Enjoy CGI's full amenities and services with our lowest-commitment offer yet, available for a limited time only!

A great option for those traveling this summer, students visiting home, or new guests. We are offering both solo memberships and a membership + spa service packages.

Option 1:
1 Week of CGI Full Access Membership
1 50 minute 
Body Massage OR Facial
$325+tax (reg $850)

Option 2:
1 Week of CGI Full Access Membership
$240+tax (reg $746)

Happy Mother's and Father's Day!

CGI Membership + Massage/Facial packages to give thanks to the special figures in your life.

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Spring Skincare!

Saturdays & Sundays

Facials are a great way not only of relaxing your mind and body, but of keeping our body's largest organ healthy and protected from inflammatory factors and environmental pollutants. Facials are an excellent choice of spa services as they increase the circulation of blood to the brain and the circulation of lymph throughout the whole body. Monthly facials are a great investment for prevention or help with reducing problem skin, wrinkles & fine lines, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and more.

Couples Treatments:
60 Minute Basic Facials... $240 (reg $300)
80 Minute Basic Facials + Hand/Arm Massage... $280 (reg $360)

Solo Self-Care Treatments:
40 Minute Basic Facial... $100
60 Minute Facial + Hand/Arm Massage... $120

80 Minute Basic Facial + Hand/Arm Massage + Eyelash Lift... $180


80 Minute Guinot Facials with Irina
$40 OFF Mondays & Tuesdays

Enjoy a special early-bird rate on any signature Guinot hydrating, firming & lifting, or brigthening treatments with expert esthetician Irina.
Mondays-Tuesdays $140 | Wednesdays-Sundays $180
advance booking required

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