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Welcome Fall!

Explore our seasonal specials below for exercise, relaxation, detox, and more.

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Join Now:

RECEIVE A FREE SERVICE as a holiday gift certificate to give a friend or loved one this coming season.

The Fall Season is here, and the holidays are just around the corner! Join our CGI Family this month with any 1-Year CGI Membership* and your welcome will include a FREE gift certificate for a service up to $150 value to give as a gift for someone special this holiday season. 

Choose from spa, personal training, private classes, and more!


*This offer is valid only for 1-Year CGI Full, Weekday, and Weekend memberships purchased this month.



New Service!

Abdominal Healing
30 Minute Hwal-Gong Acupressure Sessions

Experience a modality of healing which includes both hands-on acupressure and channeling pure, gentle energy from your head to your toes. Unlike Western massage sessions, healing sessions are done without removing the clothes, creating a comfortable environment in which you can fully relax.


Abdominal Healing utilizes the ancient Korean modality known as "Hwal-Gong". The main focus of Hwal-Gong is to increase both blood and energy circulation so you can deeply relax your mind and release stuck emotion and tension from the body.



 30 Minute Sessions | Master Jay  

 Mondays - Thursdays 10AM to 5PMSaturdays 10AM to 5PM, Sundays 10AM to 2PM 

*advance booking is required (24 hours notice)

Early Bird Special!

with Kyla Heo

The chakra system is comprised of seven key energy centers within our body, each with a unique quality and character. According to the condition of our chakras, our disposition, behaviors, and desires can be explained. When we create harmony between all seven chakras then we can become truly healthy, grounded, and open hearted. Within this state we not only create a better environment for ourselves but for all those around us.

Explore how different it feels to be in a state of balance and take home the tools to help restore your energy to the optimal condition regardless of your environment. 


Saturday, October 14th | 9AM - 5PM


 Early Bird Special: 
 $325 by Sep 30th! 

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