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A Home Away from Home

Our 30,000 square-foot facility, founded in 1998, provides the ultimate integrative experience for a healthier and happier you.

At CGI, we live to serve our community in making better choices for their lifestyle. We believe that is the key to creating a better world for all of us.


Our all-in-one amenities and team of instructors, healers, therapists, and staff will leave you feeling younger after every visit and help you create lasting benefits and results for your life. 

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Harmony between Heaven, Earth, and Human

For the past 20 years, CGI has approached the idea of wellness from an integrative philosophy of "East meets West".


Inspired by a Tao principle that each of us contains both Heaven and Earth within us, we focus on creating wholeness and balance between the three main elements that make us who we are:


  1. The physical body or "temple"

  2. The heart or "soul"

  3. The mind or "spirit"


We believe that by nurturing all three together,

rather than exclusively focusing on just one,

we naturally become the best versions of ourselves

not only for our benefit, but the benefit of all.

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A Brighter Future for Our Planet

Join us in taking the pledge!

The New Humanity Pledge is a global campaign for creating coexistence on earth presented by Earth Citizens Organization (ECO).


CGI is proud to partner with ECO in raising awareness on what each of us can do both as individuals and as a community to create a more peaceful and sustainable future for us all.


The pledge is a 100% FREE opportunity to show support for that common goal.  Furthermore, plug into a vibrant community taking and creating necessary actions NOW!


Look out for some exciting new community offerings and ways to take action coming soon!

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