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Scalp Treatments

Follicle Stimulation and Aromatherapy for Enhanced Circulation

Hands-On Aromatherapy

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Deep Relaxation

Rejuvenating and relaxing scalp treatment using essential oils, scalp brush, and hands-on kneading. Stimulates hair follicles of the scalp as well as cranial nerves which release tension not only from the brain but throughout the whole body. This treatment includes Basic Face Cleaning as part of the session.

Acu-Detox Aromatherapy

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Head to Toe Circulation

Stimulate every hair follicle, pore, and acupressure point along your scalp with aromatherapy treatment, medical grade massage oils, and a revolutionary acupressure equipment. Reduce anxiety, sleep better than ever, and release built up tension from your head, neck and shoulders. This treatment includes Basic Face Cleaning as part of the session.

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