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Transform your Life

Embark on a transformative journey at CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa, where wellness is a sacred path to a fulfilling life. Our sanctuary is designed for helping you attain the healing, balance, and growth that you need in every aspect of your life. Our highly experienced team of experts provide personalized care for helping individuals overcome their obstacles and truly re-empower their lives. Whether you prefer private sessions, group classes, or workshops, our wellness offerings will cater to YOUR needs: guiding you towards balance, vitality, and inner peace. Join us and transcend the ordinary, as CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa becomes your haven for holistic well-being.


Healing Sessions

Body, Mind, & Soul Wellness

Our healers channel the pure energy of love from the universe to reawaken your body's own natural healing power and help you achieve a state of deep relaxation. If you are feeling drained, dealing with chronic pain, or out of physical and emotional alignment, healing may be right for you.

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Yoga Class
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Group Classes

Elevate, Energize, Renew!

Elevate your fitness with our diverse classes – from invigorating Core Power & Flex for a strong and flexible core to Tai Chi / Qigong which will have you feeling centered, grounded, and more balanced than ever. CGI houses 2 studios of group classes as well as aqua classes in our ionized heated pool and online classes streamed LIVE daily via Zoom. Join us to revitalize your fitness journey and embrace a healthier, happier you!

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Signature Private Sessions

Refresh Mind, Body, & Spirit

Our Signature Private Sessions incorporate a unique blend of ancient Eastern and science-backed Western practices led by professional coaches and trainers. Experience a journey of self-discovery that incorporates meditation, solar body healing, ancient sacred mantra chanting, chakra awakening, and life particle meditation. Through this holistic approach, you will unlock a new perspective of self-healing and growth, rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

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Wellness Coach
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K-Wellness Programs

Reawaken Your Power

Our K-Wellness programs are designed to help you reawaken the power you have to melt away obstacles both within and around you, to become the greatest version of yourself. These programs are right for those who are ready to take a deeper look into the emotional beliefs and habits causing the road blocks and stress in our lives. When we focus on upgrading our own consciousness, our environment begins to change for the better as well. 

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Workshops & Mini Experiences

Embrace Inner Harmony

The workshops and mini experiences service provides a diverse range of transformative journeys. "Finding True Self" guides participants through introspection to uncover their essence and find life direction. "Water Up Fire Down" teaches energy management for optimal well-being, while "Healing Chakras" restores balance within the body's energy centers. "Living Tao" offers clarity through ancient principles, and "Chun Bu Kyung" provides profound purification and healing. Each workshop offers unique opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

Healing Stones

- Featured Workshop - 


The Golden Principle

Onsite 2.5 Hour Workshop
Saturday, June 15th
Time: 10:30AM - 1:00PM
Trainer: Sarah Choi
Registration: $50


In this workshop, you will take a close look at your current energy condition and lifestyle, and experience the simplest, most effective techniques for managing stress by keeping your energy flowing. The workshop will include an introductory lecture to help you understand the principle, along with an interactive demonstration of how to check if you’re in a Water Up Fire Down state. You will experience exercises specifically designed to stimulate energy circulation, along with breathwork and meditation. These techniques will help you to balance your primary energy centers to create a feeling of peace and harmony.

Meditating on the Beach
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Basic Principle Lectures

Lessons on how proper energy circulation improves overall health 


Mind/Body Training 

Guided Training and meditations to regain energy


Energy Condition Maintenance 

Effective Exercises for daily practice


Onsite 2.5 Hour Workshop

Plus take-away routines for reinforcing what you learned

Join us at the CGI Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Center to learn more and experience this method for yourself!

Call 201-784-1300 or follow the link below

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Check out our line-up of upcoming special classes, workshops, and wellness retreats!



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