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Finding Your True Self

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Self Re-Discovery

Finding True Self is a profound and introspective journey about opening your heart to unveil the essence of who you truly are and what direction you should head in your life in order to be fulfilled. Whether you have everything you "need" or not, you may still wonder why there is a feeling of lacking regardless of your situation.


This workshop is the first step to the journey of a lifetime. When your heart is open and you have enough inner strength to change your perspective from a victim to the owner of your life, THAT becomes the key to living fully with unlimited creativity, flexibility, courage, and abundance. Open your heart and find the true love within you. You will find that this shift reshapes the relationship you have with yourself and all those around you.

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Image by Aaron Burden

What To Expect

Self Reflection

See your habits and patterns clearly from a new perspective


Interactive "Games"

Dynamic activities to help create breakthroughs in self-understanding


Self Empowerment

Declare yourself the true owner of your life with unconditional love from within


11 Hours Onsite Workshop

Includes 1.5-hr lunch break and some time to rest


What You'll Get 

Self Understanding

Self Esteem

Sense of Purpose


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