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Healing Chakras


Balance Your Energy System

The chakra system is comprised of seven key energy centers within our body, each with a unique quality and character. According to the condition of our chakras, our disposition, behaviors, and desires can be explained. When we create harmony between all seven chakras then we can become truly healthy, grounded, and open hearted. Within this state we not only create a better environment for ourselves but for all those around us.

Explore how different it feels to be in a state of balance and take home the tools to help restore your energy to the optimal condition regardless of your environment. 

Healing Stones

What To Expect


Chakra Education

The basic locations and qualities of the 7 Chakras 


Chakra Healing & Balancing

Create harmony between the physical, energy, and spiritual bodies as a whole


9 Hour Onsite Workshop

Includes a 1-hr lunch break. Online prep sessions will be given before the day of the main workshop


Chakra Reading

Feel the condition of each chakra to know what to heal

What You'll Get 

Balanced Energy

Increased Immunity

Sense of Wholeness

HC Workshop_ Sense of Wholeness 1.png

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