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Water Up Fire Down

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The Golden Principle 

Water Up, Fire Down is a basic universal energy principle in our bodies for creating optimal energy circulation. According to this principle, cool water energy, produced in your kidneys travels toward your head, warm fire energy, produced in your heart travels down to your abdomen. If you feel calm and focused (“cool headed”), and you feel energized and motivated (“fire in the belly”), then you know your energy is following the ideal Water Up, Fire Down circulation pattern If you feel hot-headed and unfocused, and you often feel tired and unmotivated, your energy circulation is turned upside down, and this is a clear sign that you  need attention.

In this workshop, you will take a close look at your current energy condition and lifestyle, and experience the simplest, most effective techniques for managing stress by keeping your energy flowing.The workshop will include an introductory lecture to help you understand the principle, along with an interactive demonstration of how to check if you’re in a Water Up Fire Down state. You will experience exercises specifically designed to stimulate energy circulation, along with breathwork and meditation. These techniques will help you to balance your primary energy centers to create a feeling of peace and harmony.

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What To Expect


Basic Principle Lectures

Lessons on how proper energy circulation improves overall health 

Mind/Body Training 

Guided Training and meditations to regain energy

Energy Condition Maintenance 

Effective Exercises for daily practice

Onsite 2.5 Hour Workshop

Plus take-away routines for reinforcing what you learned


What You'll Get 





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