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What is aromatherapy and acupressure? What these services do for your scalp.

Woman receiving rejuvenating scalp massage at spa

Welcome to CGI, where we utilize aromatherapy and acupressure to ease the mind. We believe that proper scalp treatment and hair care promises a strong connection between the brain and the body. Aromatherapy for the scalp is a practice that combines essential oils, hands-on massaging, and thorough brushing of the hair follicles.

The head and scalp, primary stressors on the body and brain, are often neglected. Scalp care allows your hair to grow in a healthy environment, as well as protects your skull from trauma and infection. CGI offers two specialized aromatherapeutic services that tend to the scalp, ears, forehead, and facial muscles in order to release tension and stress. Schedule your aromatherapy scalp treatment to attain strong and healthy hair at CGI today.

Hands-on Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Bottles of aromatherapy oils lined up in a row with a background of fresh cut herbs

Our Hands-on Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment is a rejuvenating and relaxing scalp treatment that uses essential oils, scalp brush, and hands-on massaging. The treatment stimulates hair follicles of the scalp as well as cranial nerves, which gets rid of tension from the brain and body.

Essential oils are a form of alternative medicine that consist of plant extracts. They possess anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and soothing aromas which are beneficial for the hair and scalp. Here are some popular essential oils and what areas they relieve.

●      Peppermint: for better energy levels and digestion

●      Lavender: alleviates stress

●      Cinnamon: reduces inflammation increases blood circulation

●      Sandalwood: to calm nerves and better your focus

●      Bergamot: for stress and skin conditions like eczema

●      Rose: mood enhancer and anxiety reducer

●      Chamomile: used to improve mood and relaxation

●      Ylang-Ylang: treats headaches, nausea, and skin conditions

●      Tea Tree: fights infections and boosts immunity

●      Jasmine: helps with depression, childbirth, libido, and hair growth

Another way to categorize them is to label them as either warm or cold. Warm essential oils stimulate hair growth, while cold essential oils soothe the scalp. Remember to use a patch test if you are unsure of what essential oils can be used on your skin.

A scalp brush and bottle of hair tonic

An irritated scalp with flakes or dandruff are a result of an imbalance of nutrients and elements in the environment of your hair. Whether it be sebum, dead skin cells, or Malassezia, a scalp brush focuses on removing buildup and excess sebum, which helps to balance the nature of your hair. We use scalp brushes to energize the skin on your scalp and strengthen your hair follicles.

Benefits of using a scalp brush include:

●       Increases circulation

●       Exfoliates the scalp

●       Softens and conditions hair

●       Minimizes buildup of old skin cells and products

●       Removes dandruff

Hands-on massaging is the most efficient and vital component of our service. A professional massage works to gently manipulate the bones of your skull and cervical spine. This normalizes the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system.


By removing tension and stress from the head, we promote relaxation throughout the body. This as a result, reduces headache and migraine symptoms, as well as lowers blood pressure.

Acu-Detox Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Acupressure is an Asian bodywork practice that works to boost the immune system and circulation by massaging and activating pressure points. When directed towards the scalp,

Acupressure has a positive effect on blood circulation. This can revitalize your scalp, control baldness, and promote new hair growth.

Our Acu-Detox Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment allows you full circle hair therapy, with a combination of acupressure and aromatherapy techniques. For this service, we stimulate every hair follicle, pore, and acupressure point along your scalp with aromatherapy treatment, medical grade massage oils, and revolutionary acupressure equipment. Our Acu-Detox treatment will reduce anxiety, better your sleep, and loosen built up tension from your head, neck and shoulders.

As with acupressure for the body, these sessions are often painful during the first few treatments. However, as stress and toxins are removed the benefits are plentiful; including better sleep, reduced headaches, improved digestion, renewed sense of energy, restored hair follicle growth, clearer and brighter skin, and more.

Clients would benefit from our aromatherapy scalp treatments if:

●       They react well to essential oils

●       They are prone to migraines and headaches

●       They want to lower stress and blood pressure levels

●       They prioritize scalp and hair health

●       They are in need of an invigorating spa service

At CGI, we embody a holistic approach to provive one of a kind treatments for your scalp. Our hands-on aromatherapy scalp treatments and acu-detox aromatherapy scalp treatments use a combination of essential oils, scalp brushes, massaging, and advanced technology to guarantee your scalp and hair are well nurtured. Join us at CGI, and bridge the gap between a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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