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Wellness Programs

Explore a diverse set of on-site and online programs/services designed to help you utilize your circumstances, whatever they may be, as stepping stones for your growth and  completion. 

Whether you need a tune-up, detox, reset, or retreat: discover the tools and healers who can help to guide you home to the best friend and partner who is and always has been with you: your Self.


Gain a deeper understanding of how to truly maximize the potential of your own brain.


Awaken your energy sense and discover new possibilities in a comfortable setting with experienced trainers and like-minded seekers.


Level-up your body's natural healing power with basic to advanced exercises you can practice for the rest of your life.


Receive nurturing care and individualized treatment to help reduce symptoms of chronic conditions, pain, and stress.

Come into an environment wholly devoted to your specific needs. Our healers will help you restore the harmonious flow of energy and circulation within your body system.


And guide you to reconnect with the amazing self-healing power within each of us.


Receive guidance and feedback customized to your speciific goals and needs.

Our Holistic Coaches will help you re-awaken the inner power which you have, and give you the tools you need to activate it in every aspect of your life.

Transform your life by connecting to your vision: and utilize the tools of Brain Education to truly go towards that direction. 

Assorted Crystals

Tune-Ups & Rebalancing

Get back into aligment with chakra balancing, sound healing, energy healing, and an array of other modalities proven to refresh and recharge your body, mind, and soul.

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