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Body Massages

Therapeutic Touch for Pain Relief, Flexibility, and Stress Management


Light, Sweeping Strokes for Relaxation

A gentle massage utilizing light, flowing strokes with oil, to soothe you after a stressful day. Called a relaxation massage, it is helpful to sweep away headaches, brush away tension, and restore your wellbeing.

Upper Back Massage

Slow, Firm Pressure to Ease Sore Muscles

A massage that is helpful for focusing on tight muscles and hard to reach knots. Deep Tissue Massage will work out your muscular tension by kneading out your trouble zones. Sometimes using the elbow or knuckles, this massage will work out stiffness to increase your range of motion.

Reflexology Therapy

Kneading, Pressing, and Tapping to Re-Energize

A massage meant to target areas of chronic pain and tension. It aids in releasing them by enhancing the flow of energy (ki) through the body utilizing guided pressure at common trigger points along the body's meridian channels. Best known for its invigorating effect, this form of massage is highly effective for more lasting effects: reducing pain and infalmmation, releasing stress in the body, and increasing one’s overall blood circulation and flexibility.

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